Rice Cooker Vs Instant Pot- Details You Must Know

Being in a kitchenware shop and looking for the best one instantly- oh no! Not the proper way to buy an appliance. Before going to the market, you must start reading this article because before going to the market it will help you to finalize the best one suitable for your kitchen.

Whoever has experienced a lot of time in the kitchen they are definitely tired of watching an old shelf where a traditional instant cooker is a must-have cookware. But have you ever thought that this old instant cooker or in the local language, a pressure cooker can be replaced by the new-age kitchenware like a rice cooker? You might think that will it be the best option to cook properly. This question is not coming only from you. It is the most demanded question for so many consumers. Here in this blog, we are going to publish all the details which will help you to choose the best cut-out suitable for your kitchen. 

What Is A Rice Cooker?

Rice is the most consumed cereal used across the globe. A rice cooker is used to prepare rice with the help of proper procedures like steaming and boiling. In this rice cooker, the probability of getting mushy rice is quite less. A rice cooker consists of a piece of a cooking bowl where the rice should be placed, a thermostat, and a source of heat like electric wire or electric gas center. 

In most rick cookers, an auto-shut-off option is available so you have no need to spend time or stand beside your cooktop while cooking. It will be off automatically after the rice is cooked completely. Some rice cookers also provide us with several functions too. 

Facts You Should Know About A Rice Cooker

Here are some of the facts that you can keep in mind while purchasing:

  • Made to cook only rice
  • So many brands are available across the market to choose from
  • Some advanced rice cooker is now providing extra functions
  • Quite cheaper than a regular instant pot

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Rice Cooker

Now what the main section you are waiting for is the upsides and downsides of a rice cooker. Here are the features.

Advantages of rice cooker:

  • Rice cooker is safe to be used at any time, anywhere. As it goes only up to the boiling temperature. Still, you are advised to use safety measures while using the rice cooker.
  • Major rice cookers are quite straightforward. That means it doesn’t have so many buttons or anything. That leads you to clean easily. Also, the cooking bowl is dishwasher safe. So you have no need to worry about the fact, how to clean this and all.
  • Mainly it is made for cooking rice. As only one function is a major fact, it has a superpower to cook the rice well without being soggy. 
  • You can cook some other meal preps which include oatmeal, steaming veggies, quinoa, and so on.
  • It does not change the original aroma, flavor, and texture of the rice. So, you will get the perfect cereal you want.
  •  You can cook various types of rice recipes like white rice, brown rice, quick rice, mixed rice, et cetera with the help of a rice cooker.
  • The Rice cooker helps to keep warm the rice even after you have cooked. Also, it provides an automatic system for shut-off after cooking is done.
  • The Rice cooker is quite affordable. You can compare the price of the rice cooker and instant pot. Instant pot is a little bit expensive than a rice cooker.

Disadvantages of rice cooker:

  • The rice cooker takes a long time to prepare the rice, Nearly 30 to 40 minutes will be consumed minimum. If you are in hurry, you have to take into consideration that it will take a longer time.
  • Maybe a rice cooker is cheaper than an instant pot, but the price of a rice cooker is more than any regular cookware like frying pan, Kadai, etc.
  • Some cheap rice cookers only add the function of cooking rice. So to prepare other meals. You need other cookware sets.
  • The Rice cooker needs more seasoning to keep its function at its best stage.
  • The temperature inside the rice cooker is only set for cooking rice, thus it will go only till the boiling point water and rice together. That’s why you can’t make some recipes like beef, mutton in this rice cooker.

Types Of Rice Cooker

There are basically two types of rice cookers available in the market.

The first one is Gas, the second one is Electric.

Gas Rice Cooker:

This kind of rice cooker is generally available in all the commercial kitchens where a large amount of rice needs to be cooked at a time. Also, the gas rice cooker has a faster-doing capability than the electric cooker.

Electric Rice Cooker:

In an electric rice cooker, induction is used to cook the rice. The electric rice cooker provides more functions compared to a gas rice cooker. Here in this electric rice cooker, You can set a timer. As time goes and ends, the rice cooker will be shut down automatically. This electric rice cooker also helps to keep the rice warm for a long time.

How Much Water Is Needed To Cook In A Rice Cooker?

Generally, the water quantity is dependent on the type of rice you want to cook in the rice cooker. Here in this section, we are providing a few types of rice and suitable water measurement for those kinds of rice.

For every one cup of rice or some type of cereal, you must use the amount of water listed below:

Long grain white rice requires 1 ¾ cups

Medium grain white rice needs 1 ½ cups

Long grain brown rice needs 2 ½ cups

Parboiled rice needs 2 cups

Basmati rice needs 1 ½ cups

Quinoa needs 2 cups

How To Use The Rice Cooker For Cooking Rice?

In this section, we would love to give you the detailed process of cooking rice in a rice cooker. Check it out!

  • First, take the correct amount of rice in a bowl, and clean the rice till the impurities go out
  • Transfer the clean rice into the cooking bowl inside the rice cooker
  • Add water to the rice cooker pan with the exact measured cup
  • Place the pan inside the rice cooker
  • If you want you can add any spices, salt, or any other things as per your rice recipe
  • Plug on the rice cooker
  • Turn on the switch of the rice cooker
  • When the rice is done with cooking, you will be notified to shut it down. Some rice cooker shows some light while some browns some sound. Before serving the rice, you can keep the rice in warm mode to serve the hot rice.
  • Keep in mind that you need to use a plastic spoon for serving.

What Is An Instant Cooker?

An instant cooker or the primary regular pressure cooker is the multi-functioned cookware that you can see in every traditional kitchen. You can use the instant cooker for the supplement of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, cooking pan, and warming pot. In this instant cooker, the air inside the pot becomes hot at the first stage. This hot air turns the water or the used liquid into steam. There is a sealed environment that does not let the liquid get out. Instant cooker helps to prepare the food within a few times, which is way faster than a rice cooker. No flavor, aroma, or texture ruin after the cooking is done. 

While cooking with an instant pot, you don’t need any special attention for the preparation as it has its own mechanism to cook the recipe. This instant pot is quite famous as it is running for a long time in the kitchen of all people.

Facts You Should Know About An Instant Pot

Here are some of the interesting facts about an instant pot.

  • You can replace various kitchenware into one single Instant pot.
  • You can get an instant pot in various sizes, various models.
  • The cost is a little bit high compared to a rice cooker.
  • Besides cooking rice, the instant cooker also helps in preparing various kinds of recipes.
  • It takes very little time to make the food.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Instant Pot

Now we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an instant pot. Follow the article below.

Advantages of instant pot:

  • The instant pot helps to stop any micro-organism inside the food because it uses high pressure and high heat to cook.
  • An instant pot saves a lot of time as it takes a few minutes to cook under high pressure.
  • Flavor and aroma are kept intact as the lead is closed and pressure does not lead the lead to open.
  • It saves the energy than any other cooking appliance.
  • In a hilly region, where pressure is not working properly, an instant pot helps to cook quickly under high pressure within it.
  • Instant cookers need less seasoning so they can save costs.
  • An automatic setting is there in some of the instant pots which helps you to deal with your other works while cooking.

Disadvantages of instant pot:

  • The price is higher than other appliances.
  • The gasket, the sealing ring, and other parts in the instant pot need to clean on a daily basis after every use. And it’s a little bit tough to clean the pot.
  • Instant pot is heavier in weight.
  • You have to maintain a lot of safety measures as it needs to be handled with proper care. 

How To Cook With An Instant Pot?

Here in this section, you will be covered with the detailed process of cooking insides in an instant pot. In general, instant pot includes the same process for lots of recipes. But here we are mentioning some processes where meat is included.

  • First set the saute mode in the instant pot.
  • Add oil. Keep steering till the meat is getting brown.
  • At the same time, garlic, onion, and other aromatic spices are added and fried.
  • No set the timer for cooking the item. 
  • Lid the pressure lead and keep the manual pressure button off.
  • Make sure that the pressure valve is completely in the off position.
  • When the instant pot will be filled with high pressure, the red button will pop up and you will get know because a sound will be blown.
  • Now the original cooking time will begin. After the cooking process is done, you will get notified.

Some points you should keep in mind while using instant pots for cooking. 

  • Instant pots have lots of buttons. So while cooking, you must know the details of button features.
  • Before going into the pressure mode, you need to add a minimum of ½ cups of liquids like sauce, water, veggies broth, or chicken broth.
  • Make sure the pressure valve is in a sealed position while cooking. If the pressure is not made, cooking will not be done properly.
  • Clean your instant pot after every use, without a proper cleaning process, the valve, the gasket will be blocked with food granules, and next time it will release smell.
  • In an instant pot, you can use a frozen item to cook, and it will not affect your cooking process or the recipe.

Difference Between A Rice Cooker And An Instant Pot

Now the most important section where we are going to cover which one is the best to keep in your kitchen. Through this section, you will get to know the main features that differentiate one from another.

  • Safety measure
  • Types of meals
  • Pressure
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Safety measure

Safety is always at the top position while cooking. You need to keep in mind this factor while you are going to make a purchase of your best-suited kitchen appliance. You must know the safety measure beforehand. Instant pot includes various safety buttons like steam releasing valves that enable you to release the steam inside the pot. It saves you from burning in the hot steam. Also, some instant pots include temperature settings that help to get the idea of the temperature used in cooking.

On the other side, the rice cooker does not include any steam releasing valve that helps to release the steam before you open the lid. So, in the case of a rice cooker, you are advised to use the cooker after 10 to 15 minutes after cooking.

  • Types of meals

The instant pot is in the 1st victory stand position as it has all kinds of abilities to cook various types of meal preparation. An instant pot includes cooking methods for slow cooking, rice cooking, soup, baking cakes, yogurt, and much more. What you need to do is press the exact button for cooking the meal.

While the rice cooker is only dedicated to cooking rice items and other related items like oatmeals, quinoa, porridge, soft beans, etc.

  • Pressure

It is one of the most important facilities that have a lot of differences while using both of this kitchenware. Both of the cookware use steam to cook the food. But the pressure within the steam is different for these. Instant pot uses high pressure that less the cooking time.

But in the case of the rice cooker, no high pressure is included, Rather the temperature reaches only till the boiling points of water for absorbing into the rice. That’s why it takes a longer time to prepare the rice recipes. 

  • Cleaning procedures

Instant pot is made of stainless steel which is very easy to clean. But you need to clean the gasket, the pressure leads after every use to remove the pieces of food. Some instant pots are also made of nonstick coating, which is quite easy to clean. You just need a piece of soft sponge and normal room temperature water to clean the pot. Also, the parts of the instant pot are dishwasher safe, so you have no need to buy any other cleaning items.

The rice cooker is nonstick by its interior, but it doesn’t have any detachable parts that can be cleaned easily. Make sure that you have checked all the parts are cleaned properly from inside.

Some Of The Best Rice Cooker Available In The Market

  • Prato 1L Electric Rice Cooker
  • Wonderchef Prato Electric Rice Cooker
  • Panasonic Automatic Electric Rice Cooker
  • Bajaj Majesty RCX5 Electric Rice Cooker
  • Panasonic SR-WA10 Automatic Electric Rice Cooker
  • Prestige Delight PRWO Electric Rice Cooker
  • Pigeon Joy Electric Rice Cooker
  • Panasonic SR-WA18 E Automatic Electric Rice Cooker
  • Bajaj Majesty RCX Mini Multifunction Electric Rice Cooker
  • Mealthy Multipot Electric Pressure Cooker

Some Of The Best Kinds Of Instant Pot Available In The Market

  • Instant Pot DUO Plus 3 Qt 9-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker
  • Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker with Stainless Steel Interior
  • Instant Pot 321 Stainless Steel 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker- Instant Cooker with Multi-function
  • Instant Pot DUO MINI – 3L 700W 7in1 Multi-Function Pressure Cooker
  • Wellspire Multi Cooking Pot Smart Electric Pressure Cooker- Instant Multi-Functioned Cooker
  • Geek Robocook Zeta5 Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker 
  • NUTRICOOK Smart Pot by NUTRIBULLET EKO 1000 Watts – 9 in 1 Multi Cooker, With Instant Cooker Facilities
  • Preethi Touch EPC005 6-Liter Electric Pressure Cooker
  • Crock-Pot Express Electric Instant Pressure Cooker 12-in-1 Programmable Multi-Cooker Stainless Steel
  • American Micronic-Instamagic Imported Five Litre Digital Pressure Cooker
  • Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus
  • Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker
  • Ninja Foodi Max 15-in-1 SmartLid Multi-Cooker
  • Breville the Fast Slow Pro

Concluding Words

The important factor that needs to be kept in mind while making the purchase is the frequency rate of usage in your kitchen. If you want to just cook normal rice preparations, you can easily go for a rice cooker. Beautiful you a multi-functioned cooker that can cook several types of foods, then you must avail an instant pot. But both are the best at their own ground.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which kitchen appliance is the best one for cooking rice?

If your field of interest is only making rice, then you can opt-out for a rice cooker. As the rice cooker is the specific appliance for preparing rice and related meals. But if you want to prepare rice along with other meal preparations, then you should go for an instant cooker as an instant cooker has capabilities of preparing a huge type of delicious dishes.

  1. Which one is better for fast cooking?

When you are in a hurry and need to feed your stomach early, then an instant pot is the savior because it takes less time to prepare food.

  1. What is the ratio of water to rice for cooking rice in an instant pot?

The ratio which should be maintained to get the perfect rice in an instant pot is 1:1.

  1. Is it safe to use rice that is not washed in an instant pot or in a rice cooker?

You are always advised to rinse the rice thoroughly to remove all the debris, and other residuals you shouldn’t consume. So always clean the rice with plenty of water to get free from any residuals.

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