Moen vs Delta Faucets: The Ultimate Comparison

Moen vs Delta Faucets: The Ultimate Comparison

One of the most eye-catching feature of any modern household is the kitchen, also called the heart of the household and you thought the heart of the kitchen itself is the refrigerator? The sink it is, and with the sink comes the faucet, therefore one of the core components of a modern kitchen is the kitchen faucet. But then, you come out of the kitchen dripping wait, oops… And then, another day you place your hand under the faucet and wonder what’s wrong with gravity today ?  or apparently the faucet? 

If you’re unhappy with the current functioning of your kitchen faucet or your kitchen or bathroom faucet suddenly stops working, or you just renovated your home and want a better-looking faucet that matches your renovated kitchen you would certainly want a better solution to your problem or a better-looking one that compliments your kitchen. After all, it is not like you can keep installing a sink and a faucet every other day. So, it makes sense that you will certainly look for models that are designed and maintained by reputed and well-known companies. 

When we are talking about faucets, you should turn away from anything else that comes to your mind because the best faucet services are made available to us by Delta and Moen. 

This article will compare these two brands and will help you look into the best faucets available in the market, i.e. Moen and Delta. You can avail their products offline by visiting your nearby showrooms or simply visit the online stores, where all the information regarding every model is updated along with reviews for you to select from, after which your choice of product will be delivered to you at your doorstep. 

Qualities to look for in kitchen faucets 

Kitchen being the most important part of the home and the sink and the faucet being the crucial part of any kitchen, is the reason why you need to select what, how and why youre choosing a particular kitchen faucet or sink. 

A home cannot exist without a kitchen. It is like a fundamental space of any household that provides the prerequisite necessities to everyday life. The sink has to bear us washing vegetables and fruits, meat products etc, washing our hand and cleaning the dishes and many other such activities. Today’s modern kitchen and kitchenwares are much more efficient, handy and less time-consuming.Once a good quality faucet is installed in your kitchen, you’ll realize how convenient your daily life becomes and you may not face any problems for years to come.

 Since sinks and faucets are not features of a kitchen you can simply keep installing again and again on a regular basis, it is recommended that you invest in a good quality faucet and sink beforehand and install only the best possible sink and faucet available in the market.

Following are some of the major qualities one must look into before reaching a decision to buy a kitchen faucet. 

1. Availability of replacements

Faucets are products of regular usage that are used by the residents over and over again. Your faucet can be of the best quality and bought from the most reputed brand around you, but nonetheless, faucets are products that face a lot of pressure because of usage on a regular basis, even if it is durable and strong, it may eventually start causing problems such as leakage and sometimes it may even burst and create a mess. In this case, it will need to be repaired, and if spare parts are not available, imagine the process of going through every other procedure once again, let alone repairing the damaged parts. Therefore it is important to make sure that repair and spare parts are made available easily. 

Since the faucet and sink are like the heart and the soul of each other, therefore it is an efficient option to buy both from the same market or the same brands. In this case, it is rather important to determine that the brand is reliable and that it sells quality products. Remember to shop from authentic sites by only visiting the brand’s official business website or visiting a well reputed and authentic e-commerce shopping site like Flipkart or Amazon, etc when youre buying it online and make sure that they make spare parts available for your desired model(s). 

3.. Washerless faucets are more convenient

That being said, a faucet will eventually end up leaking with repeated usage anyways, even if the faucet is washerless. Although the leakage factor is inevitable, with washerless faucets repairing and operating it becomes much more convenient and there is also a possibility of late leakage. So, keep in mind that washerless faucet can prevent early leakage before you come to a conclusion. 

Delta: Overview

Before deciding to buy products from these brands you certainly need to get in terms with an overview of these brands. 

In the year 1954, Maco Corporation came up with this company which initially manufactured singled handled faucets. Their products soon became popular around the market. Delta has for all these years offered faucets that showcase great durability, are simple to operate, with great functionality and come with a shade of elegance. 

Currently, the most well-known line of this brand of faucets is their leading line named after the company. The price range for delta faucets generally differs from moderate to high ranges. Delta has made excellent innovations through and through which has helped Delta faucets to improve their overall functionality. like MagnaTite® Docking, Touch2O®,  and H2Okinetic® Technologies. 63 different lines of kitchen faucets under Delta are available to choose from and all of the models are classified under the 3 core categories; 

  1. Traditional
  2. Transitional
  3. Contemporary. 

The driving force behind Delta’s outstanding results and astonishing quality products is that “water has the power to transform the way people feel every day”. In a simple way, simplified solutions and simple innovations bring a great change to the ways of living. 

PEERLESS – The budget-friendly variety of faucets from Delta is presented to us by Peerless. This range of faucets is rather very simple and not very fancy but they do serve their purpose and we should keep in mind there is beauty in even the simplest of things.

BRIZO –  Delta’s luxury variety of faucets, the models under Brizo are elite and innovative throughout. The 9 different lines of Brizo are all on the pricier side and with that comes it aesthetically pleasing finish. 

A few downsides of this brand has to do with the size of the company being so vast which also includes the problem of having several outsourced providers. This makes it difficult to get faucet spare parts or a replacement. The customer care service is one faction of this brand that recieves complaints of being poor in terms of service. 

Moen: An Overview

This brand which is currently well known all over the world was started by Al Moen initially in the year 1937.

Moen’s headquarter lies in North Olmsted, Ohio. Moen being a faucet company is another innovator in this line of production, and has especially contributed to creating smart and high-ended kitchen faucets. A popular and well-known flagship under faucet/kitchenware brands, Moen is valued for its quality. They are a recognized leader in the faucet industry and they also have a reputation for selling quality products altogether. 

Some innovative kitchen faucet features made available to us by Moen are as follows: 

MotionSense™ Touchless Faucets:

The fundamental feature of MotionSense™ Touchless Faucets is its moan sensing technology. One swipe of your palm near the sensor turns on the kitchen faucet automatically without having to use your hands to manually operate it at all.  

Reflex™ Pulldown Kitchen Faucets: 

Pull out faucets have become the trend these days and with Moen’s innovative technology, this feature can be pulled out so that it becomes easy to work with a broader range. The fun part is that they can efficiently recoil themselves back into the faucet and stays inside the spout until you feel the necessity to pull it out again.

Power Clean™: 

The Power Clean™ models will boost your dish washing experience. How ? Moen faucets with this innovation have the ability to concentrate their spray in a way that prevents splashing. 

The biggest drawback of Moen’s line of kitchen faucets comes with their high-end products since high-end products equals more working parts. These parts tend to malfunction sometimes. People even complain about their high price range but nonetheless, their prices deserve the worth due to the outstanding quality of the available products. 

Moen Vs Delta – Comparison

Both of these 2 faucet brands provide quality products. Both of these faucet brands presents to us some affordable and budget-friendly as well as an assortment of exceptional high-end and aesthetically leasing products. Both of these faucet brands have their own simple and designer variables. They both offer a huge selection of designs, colours, faucet heights and valve variations too.

Moen has not been far behind delta in terms of durability and longevity. Both these products have been around since the 1930s.  Moen unlike delta does not classify its products into different categories and unlike Delta, although they have some budget-friendly products available, most of the models under Moen are only affordable at a high price. This is mainly because of the innovation that makes up an important component of this brand Part of that is because of the innovation that goes into these companies kitchen faucet products.

Delta unlike Moen has come up with a variety of budget-friendly options for its customers while Moen adds more high-end technologies to their products such as water filtration and motion sensors. 

Considering product quality, Moen offers the highest quality products because of its high-ended innovations and as a result, they are expensive and moderately priced ranges of models are relatively lesser in quantities. While Delta has come up with a limited lifetime warranty and a 5-year limited warranty for faucet spare parts, Moen also provides a lifetime limited warranty but there is no warranty for spare parts.  

In conclusion, when comparing Delta and Moen kitchen faucets, you should remember that both of these faucet brands have a lot of similarities as well as differences in terms of design, finishing and technology since every Moen and Delta product provides to us the best, most durable, most efficient, and aesthetically satisfying products. Now it all depends on your budget or preference. Their models can be bought through their online official shopping sites and from plumbing stores as well.

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