Granite Composite Sinks Pros And Cons & The Best Brands

The granite sink is the hot cake for all the kitchens out there. If you want to level up your kitchen, then you must have thought of buying a granite composite sink. That’s the reason we are here to give you a minute detailed review of the granite sink so that you can choose the best granite sink for your luxurious kitchen.

The granite sink is an engineered material that is manufactured using a mix of granite stone specks of dust and super smooth acrylic resins folded into sink shapes. Nowadays everyone is going for a Granite composite sink. This material provides a modern alternative to traditional stainless-steel sinks. 

So in this article, we will talk about all the details you should know before buying a special granite kitchen sink. What you have to do is, go through the article.

Here we will cover up the below-mentioned topics that you could possibly know:

  • Granite composite sink: advantages and disadvantages
  • Granite sink problems you might face
  • Best quality brands for granite sinks that you can buy

Granite composite sink: advantages and disadvantages

A granite sink can be a long-lasting add-on in your kitchen. Granite composite sinks are made of quartz dust and acrylic resins are close cousins. On one hand, these sinks can be a lustrous addition, durable set-up, and long-lasting scratch resistant. On the other hand, these can be bulky, and expensive materials.

So without creating any confusion, just walk through the article and take your time to get the idea of the granite sink. 

Advantages of granite sink

  • Durable and longevity

These composite materials make the sink a high resistant kitchen appliance that can endure pressure, heat, and chipping.

  • Scratch and chipping free

Granite is a naturally hard stone. That’s why granite composite sinks are able to resist scratches or any chipping.

  • Nonporous composition

You may notice that some kitchen plates or sinks are very rusted or easy to catch the marks. Those are the porous materials that can have stain bleeds. But here it’s the granite piece. Granite is a nonporous material. So you have no need to visit any stain bleed in your sink.

  • Clean without chemicals

Cleaning a granite sink surface is too easy to imagine. As it possesses a smooth surface, they don’t require any chemical cleaner to clean. You can use your regular soap or just a spoon of natural vinegar.

  • Unique in the piece, uniform in shapes

If you are thinking of consistency in your kitchen countertop, your topmost choice will be a granite sink. Granite sinks are mostly uniform, so you can get what you want in your appliance.

  • Variety

There is a wide range of granite sink styles, sizes, shapes, finishes, and color options to cherish your kitchen countertop. White, black, brownish shades are very common and the most popular choices to date. 

  • Cost

If you want to complement your kitchen top with a granite composite sink, then it will be reasonably priced.

Disadvantages of granite sink

Besides possessing so many pros of granite sink and granite composite sinks, there are a few drawbacks of this unique material. It’s very important to get to know both the upside and downside of this kitchen top so that you can choose the right thing for your kitchen.

  • Too bulky

Pure Granite sink or granite composite sinks are heavier than any other traditional stainless-steel sink. You might need structural support installed under the sink. Also, you need a group of professionally experienced people to help you in installing the wholesome structure.

  • Price can be expensive in some case

Granite composite sinks are cheaper than any other pure stone sink. Because it is an acrylic mix in the granite dust. But if you want a pure Granite stone sink, then it can be more expensive than the traditional stainless-steel sinks. Though it will be price worthy as these sinks are durable than any other materials.

  • Hardness

If you are a little kitchen conscious and you are using glassware, then granite can be a bad dream. Granite surface is too hard that can lead to breaking your glasswares if it drops on the surface. This fact should be considered while thinking to showcase the granite sink.

Granite sink issues you may face

The granite sink is must-have kitchenware nowadays. But as each item comes with some problems, the granite sink is not an exception. Fortunately, there are not so many problems as this kitchenware is quite well finished and long-lasting.

  • White Haze

You may come across some white surface on your granite sink. Well, water is full of minerals. But sometimes, water evaporates and the minerals are left behind on the surface. These minerals include calcium and lime. These two minerals can layer up a white layer on your sink surface. If you opt out of the dark-colored sink, you can more likely see the iGradePlus whitish layer.

  • Etching in the granite sink

Granite surface is sensitive to chemical cleaners. If you use harsh chemicals like bleaching powder, raw acidic cleaners, those can really damage your granite sink surface. Those hard cleaners will stripe off the top layer. In the near future, this can leave a stain on the sink face.

  • Hard water stain

Hard water is a nightmare for the granite surface. If you are bound to use hard water, then make sure that you clean and wipe out all the water droplets on your granite sink surface or granite composite sinks. Don’t soak dishes in the sink. Also, avoid having standing water. 

How to Clean a Granite Composite Sink

Whatever the kitchenware is, it should be cleaned always, more likely after every use. That is also considered in the case of granite sinks. You should always use a high-quality granite sink to showcase your countertop. A high-quality premium granite sink is made under high pressure. That’s the reason this sink material is nonporous, hygienic and resistant to heat ( up to 530 degrees Fahrenheit), stains, scratches, and chips. 

Still, you have to use a tricky cleaning process for your granite sink.

You can try the following methods to clean your granite sink. Check it out.

  • Typically a mild dish soap and lukewarm water is suitable and the best process to clean the granite sink or granite composite sink.
  • When it comes to rough and hard stains, you can sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda on the sink surface. Add a teaspoon full of vinegar. Start scrubbing with a non-abrasive sponge. 
  • If you are using a granite composite sink, then always try to protect the protective coat on the surface. In order to protect the surface coating, apply a mild soap with a soft cloth, preferably a piece of cotton cloth. Scrub until you can notice the clean, haze-free granite composite surface. 

A few brand names that can help you out to choose a perfect fit for your kitchen

  • ZINZER Granite Kitchen Sink with Drainboard
  • ALTON Double Bowled Handmade Kitchen Sink
  • Carysil Original SCHOCK German Engineered Sink
  • Nirali Elite Livia Single Bowl Large Granite Kitchen Sink with Metallic Finished surface
  • Embarc Nxt Quartz Granite Kitchen Sink
  • Franke graniteKitchen Sink
  • Kaff granite composite Kitchen Sink
  • Barclay natural granite sinks
  • Blanco granite sink

Granite sink vs. stainless steel sink

Both of these are famous in kitchen trends. But both of them have their own upsides and downsides. The granite sink is less prone to damage, noise resistant, scratch resistant, long-lasting than stainless steel sink, available in various shapes, and colors. On the other hand, stainless steel sinks are damage-prone, noisy, and not available in various shades of colors. Also, it’s not that durable and lasts long.


Hope this article will help you to get a clear vision of the granite sink. Naturally curated granite sinks are now in the kitchen trend. Maybe granite is not working as a whole kitchen thing, but a granite sink or a granite composite sink is a must-have fixture in each and everyone’s home.

Both the granite sink and granite composite sinks are too sturdy and long-lasting that you can use often with any kitchen-based function.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

  1. Is granite good for the kitchen sink?

In simple words, granite is the best sink material for any kitchen. Granite is highly durable, easy to clean, easy to use, long-lasting, heavy material that can be used as a sink to cherish your kitchen countertop.

  1. Are granite sinks better than stainless?

Granite is a more durable and long-lasting material than stainless steel. Also, granite is less damage-prone, scratch-resistant, chip-free, and noise resistant.

  1. Do granite sinks last long?

Granite is a highly durable material. It can bear up to 530 degrees Fahrenheit. This feature helps granite to be a heat-resistant sink for the kitchen. Also, granite is a very long-lasting material. 

  1. Which type of sink is the best for hard water?

When it comes to the best sink that can withstand hard water, granite composite sinks are the best choice. So without any hesitation, you can go for a granite composite sink for your countertop. 

  1. Are the granite composite sinks easy to clean?

Granite composite sinks are very easy to clean. You can use a bar of liquid mild dish soap or any regular mild soap and a soft cotton cloth to clean the sink surface. 

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