It looks like you have already decided to buy an air fryer for your household usage. But you are bamboozled with the perfect size of an air fryer. So here we are with all the details of large Air fryers available in the market. 

First your need to know what is an air fryer. An air fryer is healthier for your health because you have no need to use oil for frying. An air fryer is an amped-up convection oven. This small kitchen appliance has been patented by Philipps Electronics company. 

This absolutely stunning air fryer can help you in frying so many things – from frozen nonveg items to homemade french fries to healthy vegetable roast, even freshly baked cakes and cookies.

So now come to the main part of the article. We will go through the article to see all the different kinds of air fryer sized, mostly the large air fryers to suit your family size.

When you have decided to buy an air fryer, you have to keep in mind the size and capacity of the air fryer.

There are lots of brands that are producing air fryers in the market. That’s why choosing the perfect large-size air fryer is quite a challenging matter.

So before going to the market, just check out the article for your convenience. The right the size of the fryer, the less time it will consume to prepare healthy and tasty food.

First, you need to know the difference between the air fryer sizes.

Different kinds of air fryer

There are basically a few types of air fryers. 

  • The first one is the small size air fryer. This size of the air fryer is absolutely perfect for single people. This range is between 1.0 to 2.0 quarts. Easily you can cook chicken breasts, snacks for one to two people. There is another range of 2.0 to 3.0 quarts which enables cooking a large amount of food. Four to six chicken wings can be fried at a time in this air fryer.
  • Secondly, the medium size air fryer. This is ideal for an average of three people at a time. This fryer ranges from 3 to t quarts. If you want to prepare food for three to six people, you can easily go for this size. The medium size air fryer has more space to cook a huge meal at a time.
  • Thirdly large Air fryer. The large air fryer can accommodate a wholesome meal of a batch. This air fryer ranges from 5.4 to 6 quarts. If you want to cook or roast a whole chicken or any other food in a large amount, then this one is suitable for your purpose. Also, this air fryer comes with a few different compartments that enable it to fit extra trays.
  • Fourthly extra-large air fryer. When you are in a joint family or a family get-together or just a housewarming party, you must need an extra-large air fryer. This air fryer ranges from 6 quarts to 16 quarts. You can enjoy the facilities of cooking, frying, baking, grilling, and many more at a time in this extra-large air fryer. You can cook a whole chicken or a huge amount of vegetables as per your requirement. This super special large-capacity air fryer is more versatile in using the method. You can try frying various foods in this air fryer.

Air fryer measuring procedure

Sometimes you can not see the quart level on the air fryer in the market. So you should know the measurement of the air fryer properly for your convenience.

1 quart is more likely to match with ¼ of a gallon. In other words, 1 quart is equal to 0.94 L in the USA.  By knowing these measurements, you can at least calculate your requirement anywhere in the market.

Best large air fryer for your family

When you are a family person, you must go for a large air fryer. Because anytime you need to cook at least four to six people. You can estimate for more people in sudden cases. 

A family of four to six people can go for an air fryer of 5.0 to 5.8 quarts. This is a standard size which enables you to cook a large number of meals at a time. We are suggesting some of the best air fryer models that can be suitable for you.

  • COSORI Air fryer, Max XL
  • Phillips Premium Digital Air fryer
  • Ultrean Air fryer
  • ENKLOV air fryer
  • Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe Electric Air fryer
  • PowerXL 8 QT Family sized Power Air fryer Pro
  • Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Air Fryer
  • Havells Profile Grande Air Fryer
  • INALSA Nutri Fry Air Fryer
  • Havells Air Oven Digi
  • Balzano Digital Air Fryer 5 litres
  • Kenstar Aster Digi 1500W Oxy Fryer 3.5L
  • Glen Rapid Fryer Black 3044, 1350W


Hope you get the idea of a large air fryer for your family’s healthy yet tasty meal. So without any second thought, go for a large air fryer.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

  1. Is the air fryer worth the money?

This can be a unique answer to each person depending on their family size. If you have a family who basically lives on eggs, sandwiches, bread, and butter, and like this will not get much use of an air fryer. You can use any other kitchen appliances which can be helpful for your family.

  1. What size of an air fryer do I need for my family to cook a standard size meal?

Depending on your family size, you have to decide the size of an air fryer. You can opt-out from the small air fryer, medium air fryer, large air fryer, extra-large air fryer.

  1. What is a good size of an air fryer for a family of 4 full-grown people?

An air fryer range of 5.0 to 5.8 quarts can be the perfect fit for a family of four adults. This is the most used size among the family of four persons.

  1. What is the biggest size air fryer?

8-quart is the biggest size of an air fryer.

  1. How many Litres come with the Philips XXL Air fryer?

The whole new Philips XXL Air fryer comes in a 7.3L model. It is perfectly suitable for cooking a whole chicken or even up to 1.4 kg of fries to satisfy a hungry family or a bunch of happy friends.

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