5+ Best Small TV for Kitchen in 2022

A kitchen TV could be just the thing you need if you dislike being left out because you have to cook and everybody else enjoys the soccer match, or maybe you just find cooking boring. Either way, a smart kitchen TV can be a way of making things fun and keeping you entertained while you spend proper time and make filling meals for yourself.

Purchasing a smart kitchen TV is one of the smartest kitchen purchases you can make. Whatever the size or design of your kitchen, you will be able to discover a smart kitchen TV that precisely suits your needs. To make things a little easy, this article shall discuss what to keep in mind while purchasing a kitchen TV as well as our top picks of kitchen TVs for this year.

How to choose the right TV for your kitchen?

When you begin your quest for the perfect kitchen smart TV, you will be presented with a plethora of choices. With so many dissimilar brands and choices to pick from, it is easy to become overwhelmed and anxious over choosing the appropriate one.

Instead of purchasing the first kitchen smart TV your eyes land on, take your time and take into account the following criteria while making your decision. It will guide you in selecting a suitable product that will match your requirements and fulfil its function.

1. Size

The majority of kitchens are modest in size and cramped. Therefore, you must select a smart kitchen TV size that will fit comfortably in your kitchen without seeming too big. The TV you choose can not be so tiny that you can hardly view the screen, nor should it be so big that it occupies way too much room and interferes with the daily activities of your kitchen.

2. Sound and Display

Whenever selecting a smart kitchen TV, display quality is without a doubt the first and crucial factor to consider. It is great if you have a TV with high picture quality, a high refresh rate, and a richer colour display so you can get the most out of watching TV.

A kitchen TV with bad graphical fidelity is a bad decision since the images will be distorted, the colours will be bland, and you will not take pleasure in viewing anything on it.

The audio quality should also be adequate so you don’t have to struggle with distortions, latency between sound and display, or speakers that are hardly audible with clear sounds amidst all the appliances and cookware in the kitchen banging and making noises.

3. Smart TV

It is strongly advised that you get a smart kitchen television. Internet-connected televisions are known as smart TVs. Therefore, you can watch live shows or browse recipes straight on your television. Aside from that, you may access everything online, eliminating the need for a cable subscription completely.

Smart TVs are not only superior because they offer these extra functions, but they are also slimmer and more lightweight. They have a narrower width and can be placed on any wall with ease. These attributes are undoubtedly essential for a smart kitchen television.

4. Warranty

Who wouldn’t like to bag the greatest deal they can?  However, finding a smart kitchen TV with a warranty period is strongly suggested to guarantee that your money is safe. These are the products that are dependable and can be relied upon.

Furthermore, if the TV demands any fixes or replacements, you can always approach the supplier. Products that come with a guarantee term have undergone extensive testing, so you can be confident that they are of considerably higher quality than those that do not.

5. Brand

Renowned companies produce high-quality items that are sure to function well. If you can afford it, you can’t go totally wrong with LG, Samsung, or Insignia TVs. A high-end and reputable brand will guarantee that your small kitchen television will last an extended period of time and that you may replace it if necessary.

Is buying a kitchen TV worth it? Why should you buy it?

Some people love cooking, while some find it to be the most boring task ever! It can be especially unattractive when you have a tedious task to complete there or when you have too many guests over. Chopping vegetables is not always fun! For both these types of people, kitchen TVs are a godsend.

There are two sorts of individuals you will encounter: those who enjoy cooking and those who despise having to cook. For both sorts of individuals, having a smart kitchen TV is a boon.

If you enjoy cooking, owning a smart kitchen television will be useful. You will be able to cook while listening to your favourite music. A TV may act as a source of incentive for people who dislike cooking by making it simpler to devote time in the kitchen.

With convenience, you can stream your favourite shows and movies, or even read a recipe. Furthermore, in most households, there is either a closed kitchen or an open but isolated one. As a result, the person who volunteers to cook ends up feeling secluded since they have next to no communication with the rest of the group while cooking. You can keep yourself entertained with a smart kitchen TV. It is a never-ending source of amusement, but you will have a great deal of fun in the kitchen with a TV equipped with advanced features that can play music, movies, and TV shows.

Best Kitchen TVs to purchase in 2021

1. LG 22LJ4540 TV 22-Inch 1080p (Best in display)

LG is unquestionably one of the most reputable and well-known electronics brands in the industry. LG’s 22LJ4540 TV is another fantastic addition to their TV lineup. This TV, with a 21.5-inch screen, is ideal for a kitchen because it does not occupy a lot of room. It may also be hung on the wall. The TV can also be utilised as a multimedia device for connecting audio and video devices owing to the HDMI connection ports.

The images are processed at a fast rate with the Triple XD Engine, resulting in natural colours and crisper image outlines on screen. The TV has a 1080p screen resolution, which gives you a realistic watching experience as if you are looking at things in real life. The backlit screen provides a more detailed display with a greater viewing angle.

This smart kitchen TV’s exceptional display quality, along with its modular dimensions and LED-backlit screen, make it a worthwhile purchase.


  • Full HD IPS display screen 
  • High 1080 p screen resolution
  • Lightweight and easy to mount on walls due to its compact design 
  • LED Backlighting that gives a brighter screen with a rich colour display


  • Power cable may be too short for some kitchens
  • Only 1 HDMI slot

2. Hisense 32-Inch 32H5500F Class H55 Series Android Smart TV (Best in Smart TVs)

The Hisense 32-Inch H55 Series Android Smart TV has all of the functionality that a smart TV should have. This TV’s display quality is really nothing short of spectacular. All visuals seem better and livelier on screen due to the 720 p screen quality. The TV is built with a powerful CPU that allows it to process images rapidly and without lag or interruptions.

Aside from the picture quality, the TV’s sound quality is also important to highlight. Built-in speakers with a total output of 6 watts enable DTS surround sound for incredible audio quality. Customers may, however, attach an auxiliary soundbar to the TV if necessary.

With the TV, you can employ a voice-activated remote control. It will enable you to navigate the television with vocal commands. It may also be linked to the web for direct streaming and application downloads because it is a smart TV.


  • Can connect over Bluetooth
  • Two powerful in-built speakers, 6 watts each
  • Voice-controlled
  • No lag between image and sound


  • No wall mounts are included in the package
  • Set up can be difficult for some

3. Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 32-inch Smart TV (Best in providing better control)

The 32-inch Insignia TV is a smart TV. This means you may connect it to the internet and watch shows and movies as well as download apps. On the TV, you will be allowed to watch hundreds of episodes and use practically all streaming platforms.

The other significant aspect of this TV is the Alexa Voice Remote Control, which lets users switch channels, adjust the volume, and even manage smart home devices with voice commands.

The TV offers a 720p screen resolution and a high colour contrast display, allowing users to have a fantastic watching experience. There are also a variety of connectivity choices, including an optical input connector, three HDMI ports, USB slots, composite inputs, audio input, and an Ethernet port.


  • Alexa Voice Control features
  • Multiple options for connectivity
  • Can be connected to the internet
  • Sharp and crisp display resolutions
  • One year warranty


  • Weak remote connection
  • Configuring HDMI input can be tacky

4. Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 32-inch 720 p Smart LED TV

The Samsung Electronics 32-inch 720 p Smart LED TV will be the ideal choice if you are seeking a smart kitchen TV with the excellent display quality. A pleasant, vibrant, and crisp viewing experience is provided by the screen resolution of 1366 x 768 and the motion rate of 60. The visuals are clearer and more in-depth, with vivid colours that are easy to recognise.

Since it is a smart TV, you can watch all of your favourite series and videos without having to download them for offline viewing first. The 32-inch display size renders it ideal for usage in the kitchen because it doesn’t take up too much room while yet providing enough screen.


  • Direct online streaming of shows
  • Amazing display quality
  • Sensitive and fast browsers
  • Compatible with the VESA wall mount


  • Cannot be connected over Bluetooth

5. VIZIO D-Series 24 ”Class Smart TV (Best in compact design)

The TV’s screen size of 24 inches is optimal since it won’t fill up most of the space in the kitchen while yet delivering enough display for viewers to watch shows and movies to their full potential. You may also operate this smart TV with your smartphone due to the VIZIO SmartCast smartphone app.

The TV may be used as a multimedia device because of the USB, Ethernet, and HDMI interfaces. However, because it is a Smart TV, you can directly access the internet and install Netflix to view your favourite TV series. The 1080p screen resolution provides a vibrant, detailed image with higher frame rates, resulting in a smooth motion.


  • In-built Wi-fi connectivity
  • Comes with a compatible mobile app to better control the operations
  • Other connectivity options are also available
  • Backlit LCD display


  • Only one streaming platform is compatible- Netflix
  • The OS may lag and fall slow in speed
  • No wall mounts are included in the package

6. LG 24LM520D-WU 24 Inch HD TV 

This LG TV is small and compact, making it very easy to transport, and it comes with remote control. What is its best feature? It has excellent visual quality. From your kitchen to your minivan, you may watch your favourite shows.

It is the perfect compact kitchen TV to install in the kitchen and experience the excellence LG TVs offer, with a 24-inch screen. This LG TV, like the others, has all of the characteristics necessary for a strong picture display.


  • High display quality
  • Lightweight and compact body


  • Sound quality may not be too impressive


When you begin shopping for a smart kitchen TV, you will be surprised at how many choices you will be drowned in. However, one must invest in the right product and select a smart kitchen TV that is great value for money.

We have assembled a list of the top six smart kitchen TVs for this purpose. These TVs are incredible in regards to functionality, and you will be able to watch TV while baking or enjoying family dinners in the kitchen.

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