Best Range hoods for Gas Stoves in 2022

The cleanliness and freshness of a kitchen are two things of utmost importance to be maintained when gas stoves are used for cooking. KItchen gas stoves emit fumes that may be toxic to breathe. It is important to consider ways to get rid of these emissions. This is why Range hoods are installed.

High quality Range hoods for gas stoves need to be installed to keep emissions and smoke outside the kitchen. Keep them out is vital for your health

Best Range Hoods To Consider

It is a kitchen appliance that has the ability to push out smoke, harmful fumes, heat, odor mechanically using high speed fans. To ensure optimum results it is advised to use Ducted and recirculating hoods to keep fumes out. This setup removes the toxic air while the recirculating range return it to the system providing clean air to the kitchen

The amount of humid heat emitted by gas stoves is comparatively higher than electric stoves. So range hoods designed specifically for gas stoves have to be considered

Our guide will help you select the best range hood setup for gas stoves. This guide is helpful for all who seek to install a new range hood or replace the existing one

Comparing The Best Range hoods for your Kitchen

When you go ahead with purchasing a range hood, you should be aware of a few features. Assuming that you dont have prior experience purchasing one. Have a look at features of various range hoods

The different placement methods of the range hood are an important factor to keep in mind during installation. A buying guide is included towards the end of the article which will help you choose a range hood that best fits your needs. You should also remember that the hood size should be larger than the stovetop, especially for island cooktops. You should choose a hood with a 3 inch overhang,

Is a Vent hood absolutely necessary?

Yes, Considering The amount of heat and toxins a gas stove gives over compared to an electric stove. A vent hood is a necessary. A lot of smoke and smell is produced during cooking over heat. If a proper system is not in place to get rid of the smoke. It could fill up your kitchen in no time. This could lead to suffocation and breathing problems 

Do I have the freedom to choose any style of hood or should be a certain style for each gas stove model?

The style of your range hood depends on where you want it installed. In general, there are 5 types of range hoods. They are named so depending on the installation location. This makes buying easier

  • Wall Range Hood =Attached to the wall. No cabinets are involved
  • Under Cabinet Range Hood = A compact setup affixed to the wall under cabinets
  • Island Range Hood = Vent installed above the island stovetop
  • Outdoor Vent Hood = Installed over a grill typically in outdoor kitchens
  • Vent Hood Insert = Custom hoods manufactured to blend in with the cabinet layout

Best Range hoods in the Market

1. EKON Wall Chimney Range Hood

This model has got the looks to stand out from other range hoods. It is a unique and a top-tier product. The product has a stainless steel construction. The tough build makes it withstand Intense heat and emissions. The overall experience and customer appeal towards the product have been positive since purchase. The hood host a powerful motor with 900CFM suction which beats industry standards

The sound during operation is somewhere around 65 decibels making it the most silent range hoods in the market. It has LED lights that offer ample brightness compared to other alternatives. The 98 bulbs offer enough light to see what’s cooking. You can use either the ducted or ductless mode. The unit can be converted based on preference


  • The hood is adjustable no specific tools are needed
  • Digital touchscreen panel
  • Bright LED lighting 
  • Stainless steel body
  • Built-in charcoal filter to absorb more gas and smoke
  • Three speed setting
  • 1 year warranty


  • LED lights burn out after sometime
  • A professional is necessary for the installation

2. AKDY 30 Kitchen- Touch Panel Control Range Hood

AKDY 30 consist of a wall mount unit with a chimney and powerful airflow. It has a CFM of 400 which has ample power to pull irritants and dust out and circulate fresh air. The operating noise is a bit higher than the Ekon range hood. However, it also has stainless steel body that is easy to clean. The unit has a digital touchscreen and various modes to offer operation flexibility

The LED lights could be adjusted to your liking and the blowing system can be regulated through the touchscreen. The range also showcases an inbuilt clock and timer. The AKDY range hood has both ductless and ducted options but they have to be bought separately. The air flap allows heat to escape when the hood is inactive. The hood comes with a warranty of year against damages and defects. Considering the features it offers this becomes the most value for money range hoods



  • Digital touch controls
  • Powerful motors with a CFM of 400
  • Low operation noise
  • Integrated clock and timer
  • Compact design
  • Aluminum mesh
  • Designed for ceilings  8 to 9 ft


  • Louder compared to the competition
  • Turning the display off is a pain
  • LED lights wear out

3. Broan 373004 Stainless Steel Range Hood

Broan Hoods are used widely around the world due to their sleek yet simple design. The installation is comparatively easy and packs a tonne of features to make you love it. It has a stainless steel body so getting rid of grease and oil is easy during cleaning. The bottom panel has a nonstick coating so it stays free of grease and microbes like bacteria.

The blower has ample power to suck out smoke and gases to the outside and circulate fresh air. The integrated lights are halogen and not LED. The settings for different operations can be set to high or low. The range hood is perfect for installation under a cabinet


  • Installation is easy and low maintenance
  • Nonstick coating makes cleaning easier
  • Integrated filters prevent bacteria
  • 4 built-in lamps
  • Long warranty of 10 years


  • Noisy halogen bulbs
  • Less powerful compared to others

4. Cosmo 668WRCS75 Wall Mount Range Hood

Built with cutting edge technology. If you love style and modernity then this is the perfect range hood. It hosts an elegant design and is really an eye turner. The wall mount range hood with its steel finish and curved glass dome enhances the elegance of a kitchen. The range hood not only hosts an incredible design but showcases a set of admirable features like a digital touch screen to control the functions. 

It’s got a 3 speed setting with a max CFM of 380 which is ample for most gas stoves. The top of the hood is adjustable and allows the user to adjust it depending on how wide the space is. Its got a totally customizable design and operational noise is also minimal. It is one of the best vent less range hoods in the market that is ideal for home use


  • Has a digital control screen
  • The screen can be removed for washing
  • Inbuilt charcoal filters
  • Bright LED lights
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Adjustable chimney
  • 3 blower setting
  • Fully customizable design
  • Silent operation


  • Glass is hard to keep free from stains
  • Lights wear out soon
  • Lights are not ideally placed

5. IKTCH 30-inch Wall Mount Range Hood

The range hood showcase features similar to the AKDY model but power consumption is comparatively higher than conventional models. The operational noise is also quite high about 65db which is loud

The LEDs provide optimum light to an island stovetop. The Island mount chimney absorbs all the awful smells from the kitchen. Keeps it odor free

The range top offers decent power. The 900 CFm fans are strong enough to clear the air and circulate fresh air. The baffle filters of the range hood can be cleaned off grease and grit fairly quickly. The fans are 3 speed and have navigation buttons to control the speed and brightness of the light 

If you prefer a ductless system then the components need to be purchased separately. This includes a carbon filter too. The carbon filter replaces the standard Aluminum filter. It offers a limited warranty of 3 years which is higher than other alternatives 


  • Powerful range hood
  • Has baffle filters to get rid of grease and grit
  • The ideal of island type stovetops


  • Higher power consumption
  • Operational noise is very high
  • Limited warranty
  • Accessories have to be purchased separately

6. Broan-NuTone 413004 Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood

The Broan range hood is popular because it packs great features at an affordable price. The hood is the ductless type and placed under the cabinet. The range hood is effective in filtering harmful smoke and toxins and keeping the kitchen air fresh. It has a removable filter that filters both grease and charcoal. The combined filter is effective in removing kitchen heat and particles and circulation of clean air. The range hood is available in various styles like almond black, white, or stainless steel. The fan is a two spews unit. The range hood hosts a contemporary design that is easy to clean and maintain. 



  • Ductless design 
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Stainless steel body
  • Installation is easy 
  • Low operational noise
  • Dual filter to remove charcoal and grease


  • Has limited features when compared to others at this price point 
  • Limited warranty
  • Lack of LED bulbs
  • Design is bulky and not compact

7. Hauslane Chef Series 30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

This is a higher grade range mount with amazing features and great functionality.  The unit hosts a set of unique features also. The high speed fans are efficient and powerful to support your kitchen requirements. The fan pulls out irritants and toxins quickly creating a fresh environment almost immediately. The auto-off feature works effectively in keeping smoke out and shuts down itself when it detects no smoke. This feature is useful in saving power and your monthly bills


  • Ideal for day-to-day cooking, Handles heat and smoke from boiling, poaching, etc.
  • Has a self cleaning system ensuring ease of maintenance and durability
  • 3-way ventilation
  • Easy to Install
  • Halogen light delivers optimum lighting
  • Digital display with clock and timer
  • Grease and oil trap to catch drip down
  • Has an auto Feature


  • Expensive 
  • Design is aged and not very modern
  • Very noisy during operation

8. FIREBIRD New 36 European Style Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood Vent W/Touch Control

Firebird 36 has a special design that is bold and sure to catch an eye or two.  The stainless steel construction makes it durable and easy to maintain. The design makes it easier to clean off grease and stains. This range hood is surely a head turner. The control panel hosts multiple controls to keep track of the time,the fan speed, and other operations.  The three speed fans with powerful motors can reach up to 400CFM that is strong enough to filter out kitchen fumes

The filters have 2 baffles made of stainless steel which get rid .of grease sticking on the range hood and filter the air off smoke and fumes. The filters can be removed and installed easily for cleaning. Installing it back is also easy.In case you choose to go ahead with a ductless installation then the Carbon filters have to be bought separately.  This range offers a lot of perks and all the operations that can out perform most popular range hoods


  • Digital touch screen
  • 3 Blower speed
  • Low operational noise of 65db
  • Efficient power usage
  • 3 year warranty included
  • Easy to clean


  • Instructions are basic and very difficult to follow
  • The filters may not be compatible with some installations
  • Professional help is needed to install

9. Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood in Stainless Steel with 200 CFM (30 in)

The Cosmo range hood is a ductless convertible system built with cutting edge tech. It has a slim and space saving design. The range hood offers both efficiency and is very quiet. This range hood is ideal for small houses and also apartments as well as condos. The slim design enables the effective use of space. It is a compact range hood

A great range hood for small space houses or most suitable for apartments as well as condos. The Cosmo has a slim design which enables it to save space once you install it.

The range hood has powerful fans that pull out all smoke and toxins from your kitchen and operates at a low noise level of 56db and 200CFM. The cosmo range hood is an under cabinet range that can be converted to a ductless by the addition of a carbon filter. The installation is easy with a bit of help. The Cosmo Range hood is a good choice for people who wish to have all the features of a good hood and yet occupy the least space. The hood can be installed under the cabinet or on a wall. Both mounting methods ensure the desired results


  • Space saver design which looks slim and sleek
  • Quiet  range hood with low operational noise
  • Bright LEDs to for optimum viewing
  • Aluminum filters filter grease and oil
  • Convertible to an either ductless or ducted system
  • Affordable price compared to others
  • Good warranty of 5 years


  • To be used ductless an additional carbon filter should be purchased
  • Only offer basic features
  • Lower CFM compared to others

Some features you should be aware of:


CFM is the abbreviation of cubic feet per minute. It is the measure of how powerful a range hood is . This is the most important factor to consider when you decide to buy to a range hood. It accounts for the amount of suction the hood offers or how effective it is in removing smoke and toxins. To have air expelled faster then more power is needed. Regular gas stoves need range hoods between the range of 600 to 1000 CFM for desirable results. To calculator, the required CFM divides the BTU of the stove’s output( add the output of each burner) and divide by 100.

Ductless or Recirculating systems

We have these systems in place to move air in loops in other words recirculation. During the process, the air is cleaned and all toxins and smoke are removed. The recirculation brings fresh air to the kitchen. These systems are a must for an apartment complex where ducts and vents on the outside are not aesthetically appealing


Range hoods host powerful motors and fans to have the suction needed to clean the air. When these fans operate in full swing, the sound is almost inevitable. The more powerful the fan is the more sound they make. The sound is also amplified depending on how close it is to the stove

If you are thinking about what should be the ideal height, It should be between 28 and 36 inches above the stovetop. Modern technology has made range hoods have lower operational noise making them user friendly and not affecting the power and efficiency


Filters are used by range hoods to capture irritants and harmful toxins that get to the ducts or vents. These residues may cause difficulties in breathing if recirculated. Filters are present in both ducted and ductless systems. Filters are vital to a range hood system. Aluminum filters are used mostly as they are cheap and easy to clean

Vented and Ducted Systems

These systems help the hood to conduct heat and smoke to the outside environment. Their design depends on the kitchen’s layout. Mostly these systems are big to avoid incompatibility and effective conduction of the heat

Extra Features

Some manufactures put in extra effort to improve user experience and comfort. They develop products based on user preference and reviews. This attitude is necessary to sustain in a market with a lot of competition. Range hood may remove lighting bulbs and include features like digital displays  and auto function features

The Placement Method: The ideal location to install your hood

There are a variety of range hoods in the market that cater to different placement options. The placement ideal for you depends on your kitchen layout and space.


The wall mount type range hood is affixed to walls or attached to cupboards. The mounts don’t require the use of a lot of vents and conduct the heat to the outside environment comparatively faster.

Under Cabinet

An under cabinet involves a hood attached under a cabin above the stovetop. This method is the conventional method that most people tend to follow. Nowadays a lot of models that blend in with the cabinet design are available. The under cabinet range hoods tend to blend in with the kitchen components and create a uniform style


A flue extends over the range. This type of setup is common for island stovetops to conduct the heat to the outside

How to Choose the Best Range Hoods For Gas Stoves

Once you are up and searching for an ideal range top for your kitchen there are a lot of features to consider. The Range hood should be selected depending on your kitchen’s needs and the CFM requirement of your stove Top. The following list will  help you choose the right range hood that suits your kitchen

Noise Levels

Everyone loves a quiet home. Noise can be a disturbance to many. Most range hoods available for sale nowadays are engineered to operate at lower noise levels. However, the noise levels vary from brand to brand. You should choose the range hood based on the decibel level. The higher the decibels the more noise the hood makes during operation. The fans of most range hoods are optimized for quiet operation nowadays


A fixed wall mounted range hood is suggested for those who consider a pocket friendly alternative.  Fixed wall mount type range hoods are the cheapest in the market

I would advise for a fixed wall-mounted model especially for customers on a budget because they are the cheapest on the market.


The design of your range hood is very important to consider.  The canopy shapes hoods are ideal for installation on a ceiling for an island stove top. This type of range hood is large enough for kitchens with multi-burner gas stoves. They may be an expensive investment but it is well worth the price. They are powerful in keeping gases out of your kitchen and keeping it fresh

Duct vs Ductless

The ducts or the Vent system connect the range hood to the outside environment. The duct system ensures proper ventilation to your kitchen. If you dont prefer this mode the the ductless option is considered. This is a budget friendly option to install. The ductless model gets rid of all the vapors to the external environment, But the Ductless uses various filters to absorb the emissions by the means of charcoal filters. However, the ductless filters get saturated soon and often need to be replaced within a period. 

If efficiency is considered then the ducted model is more effective in getting rid of vapors compared to the ductless model. The Ductless model cant get rid of harmful smoke and vapors from the stove top . Depending on your kitchen layout and budget you choose either ducted or ductless systems which are equally effective. If you choose a ducted system, the shorter the distance of the duct system the better it is. This enhances the efficiency and effectiveness by removing contaminants from the kitchen

Also, keep in mind that ducted models should be wider and have powerful fans with higher CFM to handle the heat and ensure circulation

Power & airflow

The rangehood should showcase sufficient power to get rid of fumes and smoke effectively. The power of rangehood setup depends on the CFM ratings.A system with a higher CFM is effective in sucking out the heat and fumes from your kitchen


 Retractable range hoods are effective for small kitchens or cabinets directly above the gas stove. A retractable range ensures effective use of space. You could pull out the range hood upon requirement. Space management is better with retractable type models

Mounting type

You should choose the type of range hood depending on how you want it mounted. You choose one keeping your kitchen layout and space available in mind. Some range hoods may be easy to fix but a few may require a professional to install. A few most commonly used mounts are given below


This variant is installed on a wall. This is effective only with ducted systems that connect to the outside. The dimension may vary from range hood to range hood. Make sure you take the measurements of the space available in your kitchen before going ahead with the purchase. You can choose a ductless system as well but it is not as effective


If you have cabinets over your stove, then you should consider an under cabinet range hood. These range hoods are compact and a lot of models are available that blend in with the cabinet design. These systems look pleasing and attractive to the eye. A major downfall of these systems are under cabinet range hoods are not as effective as wall mount models


These range hoods are hung from the ceiling. They are light weight and dont put much stress on the ceiling. They have a compact and sleek design which is aesthetically appealing. Most range hoods are small with lower CFM ratings which makes their use limited to small kitchens. These models would struggle if you use multi burner stove tops

Final Verdict

Choosing an ideal range hood could be troubling for you. But I believe this guide would let you make a decision. Investing in a good range top is necessary to keep your kitchen fresh and free of toxins and smoke. To obtain the best results purchase a range hood keeping all the key factors in mind. All the listed range hoods are assured to give the best performance and you won’t regret investing your money into any of it

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