Best Blender For Acai Bowls in 2022

Food trends are meant to come and go, some may be more justified than others, Some trends are just meant to stay. That is the case of healthy acai bowls, This makes the hype totally justified.

Acai Bulbs are packed with a nutrient rich punch, their main ingredient is pureed berries. These little berries have achieved superfood status over time. They not only contain essential fatty acids such as omega 6 and omega 9, but these berries are also high in antioxidants which makes them great. These berries are excellent in targeting inflammation and detoxifying your body

Acai berries are active ingredients that are found in natural dietary supplements for skincare and to keep your heart in good shape, The demand for Acai bowls is on the rise since they are a healthy breakfast choice for all the family.

 However it is essential to get the consistency of an acai bulb right, otherwise, you would end up with unblended chunks of fruits and vegetables, which can totally ruin the experience of trying out a delicious breakfast alternative. There are countless recipes and various ways to make an acai bowl, but they require an essential piece of equipment; a blender

The Market has a ton of alternatives to choose from. This makes it a bit of a tussle for everyone, but don’t worry we have it covered. We have compiled a list of blenders that won’t let you down when it comes to whizzing up a delicious acai bowl

If you simply can’t wait to try out a delicious acai bowl recipe. Let’s dive right in to find the perfect blender that is just perfect for you. Take a look at our top picks

Best Blender For Acai Bowls – Reviews

1. . Vitamix Explorian E310

Vitamix Explorian E310 is a professional grade blender with a 48-ounce container that is ideal for blending as medium batches. It has a powerful motor for precision blending. The pulse feature allows coarse chops over smooth purees. The blender has 10 variable speed speeds. Vitamix is equipped with hardened stainless steel blades that have the power to chop through even the toughest fruits and vegetables leaving a perfect consistency to your blends. The 48-ounce jug allows you to create big batches, It is a perfect option if you’re looking to prepare acai bowls for all your family. It has a shape that is specially designed to fold ingredients back to the blades whilst blending, making the smoothest results. The compact size means that it could be stored neatly away when not in use, saving you some space on your kitchen top

The blender is equipped with a tamper, which is engineered to process thicker and more stubborn blends. Using the tamper enables you to keep blending without any need to stop and scrape down the sides of the jug. You just have to insert it into the top of the jug and push the ingredients towards the blade. This makes the Vitamix blender not only perfect for acai bowls but has multiple uses. It can blend and even cook soup ingredients in as little as six minutes

To make things easier it even comes with a self cleaning mode, Simply fill the jug with some warm water, add a little dish soap switch on, and let it do the magic. You will be left with a sparkling clean blender in 60 seconds

The amount of trust Vitamix is insane. It is the most trusted brand by professional chefs and homemakers. This is the product to go for if you are interested in culinary arts or want to enjoy restaurant quality smoothies at home


  • It is equipped with a special tamper that allows blending without pausing to scrape down the sides. This increase the efficiency of blending and prolong the life of blades
  • Has a self-cleaning mode to ease cleaning and it is compact enough, so storage is not a problem
  • Budget friendly blender. Trusted by professional chefs
  • The blends are smooth and deliver good liquidity


  • Doesn’t come with accessories or additional cups
  • Traveling with it is a problem as no travel cups are included

2. NutriBullet NBR-1201

If you choose a NutriBullet, It is certain that you are going to get a great quality blender. The NBR-1201 model comes with a powerful 600 W motor blitzing your ingredients is almost easier. The refined blades combine the ingredients together to create a delicious, smooth blend with amazing consistency

The high power motor blends a variety of fruits, nuts, and vegetables together in less than 60 seconds. Now that’s a fast blender. The blender uses Precision Nutrient extraction to optimize the nutritional potential of your food and transform the ingredients into delicious smoothies that are easier to digest and absorb. 

Once all your ingredients are pulsed together and pour your acai smoothie mixture into a bowl. You have to get the mess cleaned up. With Nutribullet cleaning can never get easier. The cleaning is just a hassle free twist action

You simply twist the blade cap off and place it along with the jug on the top of a dishwasher. The blender comes packed as a 12 piece set, which includes all accessories you require to make an acai bowl or more. Nutri Bullet is the fastest and easiest solution to make nutrient packed smoothies. You can blend your favorite whole foods like nuts, berries.

The contents involved are 1. 600-watt motor base,2. 1 extractor blade, 1 milling blade,1 24 oz cup, 18 oz cup, 1 cup ring with handle. The cups are BPA free plastic cups that are long lasting and Durable


  • Has a 600 watt motor that is powerful enough to blast through coarse ingredients in less than 60 seconds
  • Sharp Blades give a smooth and consistent blend
  • The Precision nutrient Extraction optimizes the nutritional value of your ingredients. The liquidity makes it easier to digest and absorb
  • Very easy to clean
  • Comes with all necessary accessories


  • The cup capacity is a mere 24oz. So it is not ideal for making large quantities at the same time. It is useful if you love to change recipes every once in a while or make small amounts regularly
  • Has a non-removable gasket design which makes servicing difficult
  • The bottom  may leak after a period of usage
  • Only one speed is option is available making it not ideal for chopping purposes
  • Ingredients need to be cut into smaller pieces

3. Ninja Chef CT650

The blender from Ninja Chef uses a hefty 1000 watt motor to blitz through fruits, vegetables even frozen ingredients in a flash. The blender makes it possible to make super smooth acai bowls and smoothies a breeze. 

It uses an innovative collection of four pre-set blending patterns known as Auto IQ tech, This is a combination of blends, pauses, and pulses to make recipe creation easy and hassle free. The blender is powered by A.I.These preset functions can be chosen and easily operated through a wipe clean touch screen

With the incorporation of these genius preset blending programs. It is a fantastic blender on all fronts. It has manual controls as well. This allows you to craft and customize recipes the way you want them. The blender gives versatility. The large 72-ounce capacity jug makes meal preparation and creating large quantities of smoothies easy. The Jugs are made from BPA free plastic makes them easier to clean. It is also safe for the dishwasher.

The powerful blades of the blender crush ice and pulses into powder. The Ninja blender is a reliable blender and making a couple of smoothies to soothe your cravings is not an issue for it. The blender delivers consistent performance and is not fatigued by daily use. The assembly procedure is also pretty straightforward. Putting the pitcher at a 45-degree alignment and twist to snap-in

. Pros

  • The 1000 watt motor can easily blend the toughest ingredients even crush through ice giving a smooth finish
  • Insane Value for Money Item if look at power it offers for the price
  • Uses Auto IQ technology with preset blending patterns to make recipe creation easier
  • A large 72-ounce jug makes it ideal to make large portions of smoothies. It is ideal for a big family or a larger get-together
  • Comes with Recipe Book


  • Not ideal for prolonged usage. User reviews have reported a burning smell when used for a long time
  • Doesn’t have an auto cool function so may end up burning the motor
  • Not ideal for making small batches
  • The plastic containers seem to scratch very easily
  • The blades are very sharp and even the slightest contact will result in a bruise
  • Very noisy during operation

4. BlendTec Total Blender

The stainless steel forged blades are a patented technology that enables the BlendTec blenders to give amazing and smooth results. The blades themselves are blunt out at the end rather than sharp this not only allows safer operation but you no need to tamper the ingredients down as they can easily blitz through thick fruits and vegetables

The six programmed cycles with manual control as well as a pulse function allow you to create a variety of recipes. The blender gives full control over your recipes until you find a perfect texture for each one. This behavior makes it fairly easy to customize recipes to your liking.

The blender is ideal for batch cooking, preparing smoothies for your family in perfect batches is just a breeze with it. The 32 ounce capacity jug makes it not only good for creating delicious acai bowls and shakes, but It also allows you to heat soups and drinks from scratch by using blade friction.

Customers who purchased this blender are stunned by how quickly and seamlessly it is powered through the ingredients. The efficiency of blending is assured to give smooth results and that’s what everyone loves.

The blender showcase a compact design. You can store it away in a kitchen cupboard when not in use, This makes you keep your countertop organized and avoids a mess. The space on the countertop could be used more effectively


  • The Blunt blades allow a safer ingredient loading and it could easily blend thick ingredients without any need to tamper
  • The six programmed settings give full manual control over blending. This allows recipes to be customized to the way you want to 
  • The large 32-ounce bowl is ideal for large batches. It is good for large meal preparation
  • The use of blade friction to heat soups and drinks is a good feature


  • Customers who purchased this blender have observed that it is very loud during operation this is an inductor of how powerful it is
  • We cannot completely control the blending speed, It is very difficult especially at low speeds
  • The tall design makes it difficult to store in small cabinets

5. Cleanblend 3HP Commercial Blender

This blender from CleanBlen uses 8 stainless steel blades. It also comes with stainless steel bearings rather than plastic. This gives increased traction and power to give super smooth results. The blender blitzes its way through even the toughest ingredients. The variable speed settings give you ultimate control over the consistency and blending power for desired results, while the pulse function allows you to blend intermittently

A tamper is also included to assist in blending stubborn ingredients and push them down further down to the blades without needing to stop while blending. This makes the task easy and less fatiguing. The 64-ounce jug is totally BPA free, So no worry about any toxins or chemicals entering your food while blending. The blender offers the longest warranty of the lot a long five years if anything goes wrong during the period. This gives you complete peace of mind because the company has got you covered

People who purchased the blender found that it blends ingredients in a smooth consistency in a matter of seconds. It is a great choice who are looking for a blender that is quick and efficient in making your favorite smoothies and acai bowls

People that purchased this blender found that it was able to blend ingredients to a very smooth consistency, in a matter of seconds in some cases, so this would be a great choice for anybody looking for a blender to quickly and efficiently make acai bowls and smoothies.


  • The 8 blade setup powered with stainless steel bearings gives the torque and power to glide through stubborn ingredients
  • The variable speed controls and the pulse settings give full control to the user. The user can customize things to his liking
  • A long warranty back up for over 5 years in case of an unlikely breakdown


  • A bit too expensive when other alternatives are considered
  • Doesn’t have any pre programmed controls or settings for assistance everything should be manually set and kept an eye on

The Best Blenders for You

The main ingredient of an acai bowl is acai puree, But there is a tonne of recipes and mixtures that require different ingredients. When you are out looking for a blender to make delicious recipes, think about investing in a product that offers the power and is durable enough to get the job done

Some ingredients may be harder to blend and liquefy than others and consistency are key for a good acai bowl. Acai bowls have to be totally smooth. So you will want a blender with some real power on its wings to liquefy the chosen fruits and vegetables

Yes You would top it with seeds, fruits, nut betters, etc to name a few for the extra crunch to complement the underlying smoothness

Generally, Acai puree is sold as frozen in blocks so the blender should have the torque to turn the ice into slush with little effort. A few recipes demand the addition of extra ice to thicken the smoothie mixture. Bear this in mind when looking at the power figures

Talking about the capacity, If you are making acai bowls just for yourself every morning or tend to change your recipes regularly. It is better to opt for a blender with a smaller capacity jug. This way you could often switch up recipes without risking any wastage or leftovers. However, if you make a few bowls in the morning for your family or prefer a large batch for yourself that will last a few days in the refrigerator then for a model with a large capacity jug.

A few blenders come with preset programs, this will allow you to simply flick a switch and go about doing your things. When you get back you are greeted with a fresh and satisfying cup of smoothie. Blenders with this option are good for those with busier mornings or for those who are in rush to get something important done. These blenders don’t require any supervision

Mostly a few ingredients are very tough to blend to a smooth consistency, sometimes blenders can struggle to do so. The tampers in some models help you work with the blender to push unblended ingredients from the top downwards towards the blades without any need to stop the blender, remove the lid and scraping down the sides and switch on again. This time wasting and a frustrating experience. The tampers improve the ease of usage

Blenders with blunt ended blades are specifically designed to cut through tough ingredients without the need for tampering. It is a great choice for those who don’t prefer to get it in by themselves. This also ensures the safety and prevents the chance of getting cut. Before making a purchase ask yourself, make it certain that you really want a blender. After all, it is a big investment for your hard earned money. So ideally look into all features and functions before going ahead with the purchase. Ensure if it is perfect for you

Many blenders, in addition, to being able to create the best smoothies, now have the ability to cook soup from scratch too. This is achieved with blade friction heat generated during whizzing the ingredients, This not only gives consistency but also cooks it

Although acai bowls and smoothies are delicious, they can get quite messy too, create. Choosing a blender that is easy to clean as well as has self cleaning function is very important. This feature not onlymake life easier but also reduce the risk of having your fingers near the sharp blades

As delicious as acai bowls and smoothies are, they can be quite messy to create. Look for a blender that is easy to clean, or better yet, comes with a self-cleaning function. Self-cleaning models are great not just for the ease of tidying up, but also because they can reduce the risk of you having to get your fingers near those super-sharp blades, making tidying up safer.

A good blender should come with a good warranty. The period should be a couple of years at least. Blenders are expensive kitchen appliances so Investing in a brand that offers a decent guarantee is important as if anything goes wrong then you are entitled to a replacement. You get a better warranty with higher-priced models. The expensive blenders would fetch you better results and peace of mind. Acai bowls are pretty thick as they are made from frozen Acai puree, if you are looking for extra thickness add a little ice to the mixture along with the ingredients You should do so only if your blender is powerful enough to crush the ice. 

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