What is the Average Refrigerator Weight?

It is a home appliance which is used to store food and other items that are required to be put or stored in a cool temperature. Refrigerator is an appliance that consists of a thermal insulated compartment and a heat pump which can be mechanical, electrical or chemical that transfer heat inside the compartment and cool it down or below the external temperature outside the compartment. Preferred temperature inside the compartment of the refrigerator is 0°C to 8°C.

The preferred temperature range of the refrigerator compartment is 3°C to 7°C for perishable foods like milk, butter, bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, above 7°C perishable foods items start to deteriorate quickly. So lower the temperature lowers the reproduction of bacteria. A refrigerator usually maintains the temperature in the compartment a few degrees above water’s freezing point, which is 0°C. A refrigerator is not an appliance that is for frozen foods items but only to cool down the temperature. A freezer is an appliance which is similar to a refrigerator but it maintains a temperature below the freezing point of water.

Domestic refrigerators for use in the home were first on sale in 1913.  During the early 1950s, refrigerators were only white in colour but in the mid 1950s manufacturers started to put designs and different colours onto the refrigerator. 

Refrigerators have become a part of our daily needed appliances for a long time. It has become an essential home appliance used to store perishable foods like milk, butter, fresh vegetables and fruits. It is for the good of us the user to be knowledgeable of these essential home appliances which come in different shapes, sizes, heights and weights. 

Firstly its the different types of refrigerators:

  1. Compressor refrigerator : This type is the most common household refrigerator type in use. It uses a vapour compression cycle to cool down the refrigerator compartment by circulating refrigerant such as 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluroethen, also known as norflurane under pressure.
  2. Dual Compartment Design Refrigerator : This is the type of refrigerator which has different compartments specially for the freezer. It is designed for its dual purpose as the refrigerator and a freezer consisting of an Independent temperature range compartment.
  3. Absorption Refrigerator : An absorption refrigerator used as a source of heat such a combustion of liquified petroleum gas, electric heating or solar energy. Absorption Refrigerator is mainly used in large buildings such a hospital or universities to chill brine solution that is circulated through the buildings.
  4. Peltier Effect Refrigerator : This refrigerator type is used for camping or in places where noise is not acceptable as it runs without any sound. The peltier effect refrigerator uses an electricity pump to operate the refrigerator.
  5. Magnetic Refrigerator : These are the types of refrigerators that work on the magnetocaloric effect where the cooling effect is triggered by placing a metal alloy in a magnetic field. Magnetocaloric effect is the process of heating or cooling of a magnetic material by changing the magnetic field applied.

Temperature range inside a refrigerator compartment :

  1. Freezer compartment : less than 15°C.
  2. Meat zone compartment : -0.5°C to 0.5°C.
  3. Cooling zone  compartment : 0.5°C to 6°C.
  4. Crisper compartment : 6°C to 10°C.
  5. Walk-in-freezer : -23°C to -16°C.

Commercial and domestic refrigerators and freezers are made in different sizes ranging different weights. Smallest built to store beverages up to largest, which may be as tall as 6 ft or free-standing, which is becoming more common among many users as the refrigerator is to be built in the kitchen. Refrigerators have become an essential part of our kitchen appliances with the increasing temperatures of storage for perishable foods items needing a cool temperature which is provided by the refrigerator. 

Weight ranges of different refrigerators in the market

As the refrigerator comes in varying models and sizes, the weight of the refrigerator is also obviously different. So as for easier replacement and movement purposes, determining the average weight can be challenging but important and will be helpful in many manual tasks regarding the refrigerator. Knowing the weight of a refrigerator can be very helpful for its proper movement in times required. Weight of the refrigerator varies from from smallest to mid range size to as large as 6 ft tall and also affected by the material it is built with as well as the design and shape.

Average weight of a refrigerator

 50 kg to 200 kg is the common weight range of a refrigerator with around 130 kg being the average weight. 120 kg to 150 kg are the weight of most of the mid range size refrigerators used around households. And a small and compact mini refrigerator’s weight ranges from 50 kg to 90 kg. 

There is difference in weight even among the same size category refrigerators. This might be due to the effect of various reasons like differences in internal engine used by different brand manufacturers and addition of extra features which keeps increasing with developing technologies and manufacturing of new models keeps coming up. Some newly added features like ice maker compartment, digital or smart models and numbers of doors and drawers built in the refrigerator are also a  determining factor of the weight of a refrigerator. A slightly different model of refrigerator shows different weight. Many brands are choosing materials that can reduce the weight of a refrigerator to achieve minimum weight that can be in the size range.

Now let us discuss different weight ranges of refrigerators available in the market. Categories accounting for different designs of refrigerators in the market.

  1. Side -by- side : Unique features known in these refrigerator types are having a freezer on one side and refrigerator on the other side. In most cases the smaller left side is the freezer and the larger right is the refrigerator. 

Some popular refrigerators of this type in the market are :

(i) Whirlpool 25 cu ft. side -by -side refrigerators : 118 kg

(ii) Frigidaire 25.5 cu ft. side -by -side refrigerators : 132 kg.

(iii) KitchenAid 24.8 cu ft side -by -side refrigerators : 130 kg.

  1. French Door Refrigerator : This type of refrigerator is very popular with many users among other types of refrigerators available in the market. The French Door Refrigerator is defined by its side-by -side top with bottom freezer design. It is highly positively reviewed by many users for their great experience with the refrigerator.

  Some popular French Door Refrigerators in the market are: 

(i) Whirlpool 24.5 cu ft 4 door French Door Refrigerator WRX73T5SDHZ : 145 kg.

(ii) Samsung’s 24.2 cu ft French Door Refrigerator : 139 kg.

(iii) LG Electronics 26.2 cu ft French Door Smart Refrigerator : 128 kg.

  1. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator : This type of refrigerator has a bottom freezer and is known for its capacity and availability for compartments that can store large items easily. 

   Some popular bottom freezer refrigerators available in the market are :

(i) LG LDCS242235 24 cu ft bottom freezer refrigerator : 106 kg.

(ii) BlueStar BBB36L2 refrigerator : 260 kg.

(iii) Haier HRB-3404 BS-R/E : 64 kg

  1. Top Freezer Refrigerator : This refrigerator has been proven to be a more efficient energy user than the bottom freezer refrigerators. The top freezer refrigerators also have wide space like the bottom freezer refrigerators and can easily store large items.

  Some popular top freezer refrigerators are : 

(i) Samsung RT18M6215SG 18 cu ft top freezer refrigerator : 81 kg.

(ii) Haier HA12TG21SB 11 cu ft top freezer refrigerator : 53 kg.

  1. Mini refrigerators : These refrigerator types are perfect for small spaces and are to be used for very few people. Mini refrigerators are also budget friendly. Most of the mini refrigerators weigh between the range of 60 kg to 90 kg depending on its model and size.

   Some popular mini refrigerators are : 

(i) Insignia ™ 3.0. cu ft mini refrigerator – Stainless Steel : 24 kg

(ii) KitchenAid 4.9 cu ft mini refrigerator : 54kg.

Some frequently asked questions about a refrigerator weight : 

Q1. Which refrigerator is the heaviest of all available in the market?

Answer : The French Door Refrigerator tends to be the heaviest refrigerator among all others in the market and also the most expensive one as a top performer also.

Q2. What would be the extra weight if an ice maker was included?

Answer : An additional weight of about 10 kg will be added for a refrigerator with an built -in ice maker.

Q3. What is the biggest factor of heavy weight contribution to a refrigerator?

Answer : The external metal body of the refrigerator is the biggest factor of heavy weight of a refrigerator.

Q4. Which refrigerator is the smallest one available in the market?

Answer : As the name suggests the Mini refrigerators are the smallest refrigerators available in the market, which would weigh about 60 kg to 90 kg. 

Q5. Would there be any effect of the heavy weight of a refrigerator on the floor of a house?

Answer : Depending on the material or type of flooring there can be the effect of heavy weight of the refrigerator, it is best to buy a refrigerator with a model having floor safe casters.


       After knowing the different ranges of weight of refrigerators available in the market and their specific features it is best to choose the best one according to the needs of the users. Large and heavy weights are not always the best as many among mid range have attractive features. Budget-friendly and unique features are many, if compared among the range one needs specifically. All that matters at the last moment would be the quality of the refrigerator.

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